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Do you have expertise
that is worth sharing?

Create income with your very own education site using edify6 

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 Brand  your site 

Our education microsites are easy to configure to match your own unique branding and design, with no IT skills required.


You can even leverage your own web address and link it to your corporate website. This creates a seamless experience for your audience, maintaining consistent brand and messaging across your online education site.

 Create  your own course structure 

Edify6 lets you create your own course or program structure. Whether your programs contain courses, units, streams or topics the number entries and levels is completely up to you.

Each level has their own rules and configuration, including course credits, questionnaires, providers, attachments and much more.

 Manage  your products
and subscriptions

Monetize your courses, units and lectures by leveraging Edify6's product management features. Simply create products for your material, and then apply your own payment methods.


This could include recurring subscriptions one off access or free products. Even include discount vouchers to reward your new customers or to augment your
other enrolments.

 Create  and manage questionnaires

Creating questionnaires for your courses, subjects and even individual lectures and tutorials is simple.

Provide rules for your  questionnaires   including pass marks, retries, exit rules, prerequisites and more.
Award certificates at successful completion and store and send
these to students. 

 Easily  setup and
manage your site


Edify6 provides a completely hosted and managed system in the cloud. Using the simple to use web based administration dashboard setup and configuration is a snap.

Configure your products, courses, lectures, keywords, sponsors and site branding all from one central portal.


Create nested course structures

Provide individual course branding

Provide associated course level assets

Assign questionnaires

Assign course credits for completion


Create multi-choice questions

Assign assets to questionnaire and
each individual question

Set pass marks

Assign number of attempts

Provide option to save and continue


Assign to courses

Upload video and other assets

Assign presenters and display bio

Resume  plays from last location

Individually brand lectures/classes

Copy and link lectures between
multiple courses


Create personally branded certificates

Award certificates based on successful
completion of questionnaires

Send certificate copies to students
and also allow download from
home section

 Check  out our features

       Product Management

Create products for selling to prospective students

Assign courses and individual lectures to products

Provide recurring subscription, one off and free product types.

Create redeemer coupons and apply to products for discounts and free access


Leverage pre-made templates

Change colours, images and copy

Full customization using the code editor

Brand to your own look and feel

Create additional HTML pages to promote your online school

       Email Notifications

Notifications for contest events

Customize all messages

Enable or disable any messages

Integrate with Mailgun or own mailserver

       User Management

Full user registration and authentication

Manage product assignment

Review and manage assigned and purchased products

Manage certifications 

Manage and assign different administration permissions

       Site Management

Custom domain names

Site password gateways

Link to Stripe payment gateway

SEO optmisation

URL referral gateway

IP whitelisting

Link to 3rd party analytics such as Google


Report on subscribed users

Report on student certifications

Report of canceled users 

Report on subscription revenue
between periods


Supports all video and image formats

Streamed encoding

Adaptive streaming 

Multiple bitrates optimized per device

Original format also stored 

       Content Library

Store and reuse all uploaded
assets and content

Provide searchable content library

Supports video encoding

Supports image optimisation

Manage all types of content including documents, sound and more

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